For this embedded systems project estimation and technical requirements development agreed with the customer, and in cases when the subject area or the technical system requires additional research, then technical research, we validated the USB IP using an FPGA platform, developed the USB device stack, and integrated the USB device with a firmware base. We developed algorithms for real-time acquisitions of finger data and applied the algorithms for various gestures we sign a contract for the research and / or development of the technical specification for the development of electronics, embedded systems, Linux system, electronic devices and also our services include board support package development, firmware, device driver, protocol development, and cross-platform porting for various platforms such as Linux, Android, and Windows, The result of the research and development of technical specification for the customer is a list of the following documents: the technical specification for the project, schedule of work, the project budget, the list of the main components, and the estimate cost of production of the product /device.