VLSI Projects, VLSI stands for very large scale integration systems which integrate millions of electronic components in small area. We create IC and transistors based application projects. We ensure VLSI as emerging technology to create research in various applications. We develop latest IC and latest technology in VLSI domain.
Logic gates we design register transfer level and give circuit architecture for electronic devices. We developed more than 80+ project in VLSI application with various tools.
The commonly used synthesis tools are:

  • CPLD (complex programmable logic device).
  • FRGA (field programmable gate array).
  • Register transfer: logic blocks, connection and FSM.
  • Layout: mask layer & polygons.
  • Specification: input, output & chip performance.
  • Circuit: parasitic, transistor & connection between them.
  • Architecture: major resource and connection.
  • Logic: flip flop, latches, connection & gates.

It composed of constrained design using predefined or pre manufacture components. We adopt CAD tools to reduce design effort with low cost design